A Guide to Flirting


“Make her smile”

The hardest part of starting any relationship is the flirting stage for most guys. We just don’t know what to say and we’re afraid that we’re going to end up putting our foot in our mouths. There are hundreds of guides for being smooth or for getting laid, and they never hit on opening lines or how to flirt with a pretty girl.

In fact, it’s one of the things that are just assumed to be natural for some people. You’ll have friends say that “he/she is such a flirt” and just leave it at that. If you’re not “a natural flirt” you’re left feeling like you’ve totally missed the boat. It’s well known that being a flirt is one of the best ways to get girls interested in you. Never fear, we’re going to give you a guide to flirting with ladies that will leave them feeling charmed, and not creep out.



“Relax and she will be comfortable around you”

The more relaxed you are when you talk to a chick the better your chances are going to be of her being interested. While it’s true that a babe wants her man to be a go getter and driven this isn’t what they look for in flirting. Women read tension, particularly tension in men as a threat to their well being. This means that if you’re wound up tight that she’s going to worry about you snapping on her. In short, the best way to get girls is to relax. At first, this may take a little liquid courage to get you in the mood and adjusted, but after a while it will become second nature to you.

Sit back when you speak with a woman and only lean forward if you actually have to so you can hear her or otherwise want to show her that you’re interested in what she is saying. The absolutely best way to get girls is to actually be interested in them as people. If you show this in the way that you’re standing or sitting then they’re going to be more committed to talking to you.

The Back and Forth


“Talk and listen – pay attention”

You can’t flirt if the girl is doing all the talking or you are doing all of the talking. You have to actively engage in the other person and make them feel like you’re enjoying the communication. Dudes are conditioned to think that women spend most of the time talking; however, it’s been proven that this isn’t true. There are actually studies out there that show that if a woman is talking for 50% of the time, we think she’s talking for 80%. Not sure why that is, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind when dealing with babes.

Don’t zone out and keep yourself as engaged as possible if you aren’t interested in talking to her then you should probably just disengage and move on. This will have the added benefit of making you look desirable to other women in the room. One of the best things about girls is that the way to get their attention is to HAVE attention from a woman already. Women like to have what other woman have or find desirable. Use this to your advantage.

The Approach


“A simple tap on her shoulders with a flattering compliment is a good idea”

We can hear you, “all of that’s fine, but how do you even get a girl to talk to you” you ask. The best thing that you can do is be low pressure. If you insert yourself into a conversation and stick around you’re just going to come off as rude. The flipside of this problem is that there’s no good way for timing to work out to your advantage when you’re talking to someone at a bar. You’re going to have to interrupt her if she’s talking to other people to get her attention. There is one proven way to do this without really seeming rude OR like you’re a creep.

Simply tap her on the shoulder and tell her that you think she looks nice. That’s all. “Sorry to interrupt you, but I noticed you and thought you look really beautiful. If you’d like to talk to me later, I’m going to sit at the bar a while, I’d like to buy you a beer.” And then walk away. Don’t stick around, don’t hover and if she doesn’t show up for your offered beer, don’t be personally wounded by it. The less pressure a woman has to perform the more comfortable she is going to be with an action. This is, hands down, the best way to get girls in our experience.

Keep it Light


Flirting is not sexual. It isn’t meant to be. Very rarely can guys play off sexual comments or jokes and not have women take us as being serious or aggressive. The best way to avoid that sort of heavy feeling in your conversation is to simply not bring it up. Women find that men who focus on sex right away are usually aggressive and rude. Men that focus on sex or on how a woman’s body looks in conversation also come off as threatening to them. Unless that’s the message that you want to get across, we wouldn’t bring it up at all.

If she starts out or brings sex up, of course you’re welcome to keep that ball rolling, but don’t start it yourself. Instead, joke with her about something silly. If she asks you to, say, watch her computer, then say “of course, but if it needs to go outside I’m not going to clean up after it”.

People are good at having frivolous conversations about things; it’s a great way to judge if someone has a good sense of humor and if you jive with them. After a bit of light hearted flirting you may even be able to ask her for her phone number, in case she needs someone to babysit that computer again.



“Let your sense of humor take the lead”

This is going to seem like a no brainer, but flirting isn’t serous. It’s a friendly way to talk to the opposite sex without any commitment. It should leave both of you walking away from each other feeling better about yourselves and possibly with a phone number. If you’re approaching flirting as the best way to get girls then you’re going to be worried about failure. Don’t let this show on your face. Relax, smile, and just allow yourself to have fun with the conversation

As dudes we feel pressured to lead interactions or conversations. Our natural inclination to be in control means that we may miss out on the finer points of flirting. Don’t allow yourself to be a control freak about simple conversation and don’t treat it like you’re entire night is going to made or broken by the interaction. There are tons of babes out there, make sure that when you talk to them you keep that in mind.


“If you are successful with flirting, you can have a happy ending”

All of these tips work online too, with the exception of the posture. Read more about the guide to getting laid online and learn the tactics for getting laid online. Internet dating is the best way to get girls. However, you have to keep yourself low pressure and the conversation light regardless. Asking a chick for personal information or otherwise prying is going to throw her right out of flirt mode and into self-defense mode online or offline. Keep it friendly and keep it harmless if you want flirting to do its job.

Mr. Know It All: Are You Making Love Or Just Having Sex?

“Is making love and having sex – the same thing?”

“Is making love and having sex – the same thing?”

There are many people who believe that Making Love and Having Sex are one and the same; that they are interchangeable. Some people would argue that “Making Love” is just a polite way of saying “Having Sex”, that they are the same thing because both acts involve the same physical contact and both acts lead towards the same outcome. This may be fundamentally correct. But there are huge differences between “Making Love” and “Having Sex” that actually sets them apart from one another. Even effective sex dating sites will tell you these are two entirely different things.

What is the act of Having Sex all about?

“It’s all about being in the moment and satisfying your carnal desires”

“It’s all about being in the moment and satisfying your carnal desires”

Having sex describes a physical connection that leads to sexual pleasure, release of sexual tension, and sensual gratification. It of course involves sexual intercourse which is basically done for self-pleasure other than for its technical purpose of reproduction. Most sex dating sites even have a list of positions or ways of doing it. The bases are simply the raw passion involved and the urge to do it.
Having sex in a sense is just that – pure carnal, physical satisfaction of sexual wants and desires. You meet someone whom you are sexually attracted to and then you have sex. It is therefore selfish because the goal is merely self-gratification.

What is the act of Making Love all about?

Making love, on the other hand, also involves having sex or sexual intercourse but taking it way higher. It is all of the aspects of Having Sex but also emphasizing the deep emotional connection, affection, trust, care and shared bond that develops between caring lovers. While having sex is more about the physical relation, making love transcends this to involve the state of heart and mind.

How will you know if you are Making Love and not just Having sex?

Here are some ways for you to distinguish the difference more clearly:

1.) What is your intention or intended outcome?

If you are having sexual intercourse because you simply want to feel pleasure or want to satisfy an urge, then you are merely having sex. If you want to feel pleasure and satisfy an urge and also want your partner to feel the same, then you are making love. While having sex is just about experiencing the pleasure down there, the emphasis of making love is the connection and affection shared between the partners. Just merely having sex is selfish – you usually do not care if your partner is enjoying it as long as you are enjoying it yourself. With making love, you want to enjoy the act as much as you want your partner to enjoy it too. Your effort is for both, mostly for your partner rather than yours alone. In doing the act, you and your partner’s urges are gratified and both your desires are satisfied too.

2.) Who is your partner?

“Choose your partner carefully”

“Choose your partner carefully”

With having sex, your partner could be your beloved, such as a spouse or lover, or anyone else. With making love, it is often just your beloved. If you meet a stranger and jump to bed together or if you hook up with a casual friend and take him or her to bed, you are probably just going to have sex but not make love.
Merely having sex is general sexual intercourse between couples, whether or not they share love or any bond between them. One may have sex with any person. It may also mean casual sex with anyone. It does not need to be a spouse or a lover. Making love, on the other hand is generally referred to sexual intercourse with a beloved, either a spouse or lover – with one you care for or one you are emotionally attached to.
Making love reflects a feeling of affection associated with sexual intercourse. While having sex is just giving in to the urge for sexual intercourse, making love implies being intimate with your partner – not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.
However, every once in a while intimate partners may just want pure physical satisfaction; sometimes just giving in to their carnal desires. And there is no harm in that.

3.) What emotions are involved?

“When emotions are involved things get more hotter”

“When emotions are involved things get more hotter”

Or are there emotions actually involved? Are you doing it with someone you are not committed to? If you are doing it with a stranger, a call girl or a casual friend on a one night stand, there is probably no emotions evoked. This is just having sex per se. Having sex does not extend beyond sexual intercourse and, more often than not, does not involve any emotion between the couple either.
Sexual acts between friends with benefits may involve some emotions to some extent, but these are probably shallow.
On the other hand, there is emotional attachment when making love. It is a sharing of over-all intimacy. Making love is often more pleasurable and deep-seated because you have emotions like joy, ecstasy and passion. It is an expression of love. The fact that you are pleasing the person you love and whom you share a committed relationship with makes it more satisfying.

4.) Is the act merely sexual for you?

Do you regard it as merely a physical act? Or do you regard it as physical and emotional? This is important because having sex is just to satisfy one’s physical urge or lust while making love may satisfy the physical and sexual urge (need for libido and lust), emotional urge (need for intimacy and trust) and mental urge (need for rapport and understanding).

5.) How long does the act last?

“Make your love making session last longer”

“Make your love making session last longer”

If you think foreplay should not last long because it seems tedious, then you are just aiming to please yourself. When the sexual intercourse is unromantic, fast and quick, you are just having sex. You are simply enjoying each other’s bodies.
Making love is having slow and tender sexual intercourse. It is far more relaxed and slower in pace. It also involves looking in each other’s eyes more and even some light conversation. It is about taking your time to show your partner how much you care.

Since foreplay is intended to excite your partner, it is very important to have enough of it too. Effective sex dating sites often emphasize foreplay and teach how it is done. It’s important that you take hints from legit sites only. And for that you must read genuine reviews about these sites. You can check these reviews here: get-laid-more.com. The sex dating sites can give you great tips and ideas of foreplay.

6.) How long and how deeply do you feel satisfied?

With just having sex, being basically selfish, it means you just want to get or receive gratification and not give it. Since it is an outcome of libido and lust, it simply fulfils a temporary, cyclical or passing need. Therefore the duration of your satisfaction may just be temporary too. With its shallow physical basis of gratification, the depth of satisfaction is also shallow, perhaps up to your loins only.
With making love, the satisfaction may be physical too but the fulfilment is a long term outcome and of deeper sense and meaning. When two lovers are deeply in love with each other and indulge in passionate sex, all inhibitions may be bared but are dissipated or totally nullified. There is no awkwardness; there is abundance of excitement, confidence and passion. And the sex is romantic and simply perfect it satisfies not only your loins but also your mind.

7.) What do you do right after the act?

“Do you regret the moment after sex?”

“Do you regret the moment after sex?”

Do you just roll over and sleep as soon as the deed is over? Does your interaction end with the act? This is having sex, plain and simple.
Do you tell each other how wonderful you felt in each other’s embrace? Do you complement each other about your sexual techniques? Do you bask in each other’s warmth after a sensuous, sweaty, wild and passionate sexual intercourse? Do you spoon or cuddle – exhausted but satisfied? This is making love. Sometimes emotion is shown and evoked not only through words but more importantly through contact, touch and caress.

8.) Does the act feel mundane sometimes?

Does the excitement quickly subside after orgasm or climax is achieved? Does the sexual intercourse feel like a chore after doing it repeatedly for some time? Is it just a regular activity you look forward to just to ease tension? This is having sex.
Do you feel excited for your next sexual encounter? Does the sexual intercourse feel terrific and special? Is it an activity, regular or sporadic, that you do together to give in to each other’s desires, express your feelings and satisfy each other? Do you feel happy while doing it and even after orgasm? This is making love.

9.) What do you look forward to doing together after the act?

If there is no special activity or any other activity for that matter that you are looking forward to in-between, and you only look forward to the next sex session, then it is just having sex.
If you have time or set aside time to treat each other, take a walk together, go on romantic dates, surprise each other, etc., then what you do in the bedroom is more on making love and not just having sex. The sexual act is the validation of your deep connection and bond.

10.) Is your relationship short term or long term?

Having sex most often reflects only short term relationships, even non-existent ones. Feeling horny, a man can have sex with a call girl with no strings attached; purely business so to say. He could pick up a random girl from a bar and have a one night stand. Then part ways in the morning, perhaps without actually saying goodbye.
Making love is almost always equated to long term committed relationships, such as long term lovers and married couples.
Sexual intercourse is only about ten percent of your relationship. If you are in a committed loving and caring relationship, you need a solid and deep foundation to make it last. The foundation determines the quality and durability of your relationship.
Making love also means benevolence, kind words and deeds that add validity to sex and makes it more meaningful. This adds to the longevity of your relationship.

So which one is actually better?

Having sex may be described as an experiential act while making love adds the existential, essential and elusive emotional components to it. The idea of having sex is two bodies joined together to give pleasure to each other for the purpose of attaining the physical climax or orgasm. The idea of making love involves all of these physical attributes plus the ultimate end which is the ultimate pleasure of two joined individuals – heart, mind, body and soul. This is not possible to accomplish without love and full emotional involvement.
Having sex and making love are both incredible in their own right. It might depend on what stage of life you are in. If you are still casually dating, you are probably more interested in having fun, wild, adventurous and even kinky sex. But if you are in a serious relationship, you most likely prefer the merits of making love. Sex alone is not adequate to sustain a good long term relationship.

Remember that a successful relationship will ultimately need a perfect balance between having sex and making love. Even long term lovers and married couples may actually enjoy a round or two of pure physically gratifying sexual intercourse without involving feelings or emotions. There will be times when one partner or both may not feel emotionally connected with each other in bed; probably just due to a passing need to release tension and be relaxed. Plainly having sex is not that bad, just as long as you both look for ways to bring making love back into the bedroom more often.

Groupon Horror Stories: How Businesses Are Losing Money

To Rachel Brown, owner of a small London-based bakery called Need a Cake, and her 8 employees, cutting a deal with Groupon had turned out to be a nightmare they had never anticipated. Caught in the frenzy of Groupon, the largest daily deals site which offer exclusive deals to its users by connecting with local businesses, Brown had offered a 75 percent discount on a dozen cupcakes, bringing the price of a cupcake down from $40 to $10.

What started out as a seemingly good deal had become Brown’s “worst business decision ever”. Over 8,500 people signed up for the deal, requiring Brown’s employees and 25 extra workers to make 102,000 cupcakes. That’s a loss of $3 per batch because of the extra help she had to hire inorder to meet the abruptly increased demand.

Rachel Brown lost over $20,000, reportedly her profits for the year, in that deal.

There are many untold horror stories of businesses losing money due to a Groupon deal gone bad. The ones we know have led us to question even the business idea as a whole — once considered an innovative approach, the most exciting thing in retail business since eBay. Or is it just not working for small businesses?

This article is by no means suggestive of Groupon being a scam. It is not. And yes, there have been reports of some businesses making good profits from a Groupon deal. These horror stories are cautionary tales for small businesses who are on the fence about making a Groupon deal. Due diligence, a good research and a thorough assessment of one’s manpower and resources will go a long way in cutting a successful deal.

You'll lose money. Horror

You’ll lose money. Horror

How Posies Bakery & Cafe Lost $8000

Posies is another bakery in Portland, Oregon that is victim of a bad Groupon deal. Jessie Burke, owner of the cafe and bakery, had to withdraw money from her personal account to cover the expenses and payroll because of the deal she had made with the devil.

In a blog post, Burke said that a Groupon sales rep talked her into offering a $7 discount on items worth $13. Worst of it is that Groupon will take 50% of the sales revenue. If the cost of items a customer purchase is less than $10, Groupon takes 100% as commission (which was later refuted by Andrew Mason, CEO of Groupon, to be “100% false”), the sales rep told her, but also that most customers always purchase more than $13 worth of products.

With a sale of over 1000 Groupons and a bad discount, Burke lost over $8000 in that deal. This amount may not sound like much for big businesses, but for small local businesses like Burke’s, it is certainly a lot to lose.

You can expect to lose some

You can expect to lose some

Allie Ham – Many Sleepless Nights and a $150,000 Loan

Allie Ham of Creative Hands Massage, Washington D.C., has another sob story to tell. She sold over 900 vouchers in an hour thanks to Groupon and another deals-of-the-day site called LivingSocial; and in the coming days, all of her 4000 vouchers were sold out.

But the ugly side to this story is that Ham had to borrow $150,000 from banks, friends, and family to recover from the loss of that bad Groupon deal. What’s even worse is that she had to stay up whole nights to note down phone numbers, make calls, do her accounts, only to wake up crying the next morning and start the same process all over.

Groupon, on their part, offer a business that does sound good and that sometimes work for some businesses. They also offer the necessary support and tools to handle the customers. And as is evident, it certainly is not for all. To make a Groupon offer work in one’s favor requires a good structuring of the deal, a well-planned strategy to handle the incoming orders and a sufficient measure of precaution and luck.

Are You Concerned About Your Sex Life? Spice It Up!

A new relationship always starts out hot, mysterious and exciting as you explore your new partner to unravel their deepest secrets, the ones in their mind and the other, more physical ones. But, as time goes on, you learn more and more, you both get bored of each other, there are little more secrets to be unfolded. At that stage in the relationship most fail to maintain it, as the thrill of new mysteries and a new partner is too inviting to insist in with your current one. Well all know that a relationship, no matter how spiritual and romantic, is still based on your love life – we have our instincts to thank for that. To help you keep your sex life as fresh as possible, here are three simple tips.

#1: Break The Routine

It sounds simple, but only sounds. You might find yourself in a routine faster than you can say “running in circles” – and routines are the main killers of relationships. Having sex only at night, always playing with the same old positions, never doing anything spontaneous… If any of that sounds familiar, chances are you’ve fallen into a routine with your partner. You can try talking it over if you notice only one of you is bored, or you can do something better. Surprise your partner with something naughty, cook a meal with nothing but your apron on and offer yourself for desert, or stop by where they work, say nothing and deliver the most passionate kiss of all times and quickly disappear. It’s the little things that will make your relationship interesting, and make you want each other more than ever. Don’t overdo it though, desperate attempts quickly become obvious. If you find yourself trying without any success multiple times, perhaps it’s time to consider admitting the flame has died…

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

#2: Withdraw Sex

This is an attempt difficult to complete as much can go wrong (patience and the right amount is key here – you overdo it and your sex life gets more boring or is over for good, you lack self control and there’s no point). The idea is not to go without sex in any form all of a sudden, but to declare that until further notice, there will be no intercourse. Add, of course, that this excludes kissing on any part of the body, oral sex and anything other than the main event itself. In other words, tempt your partner as much as you can without giving in to the final pleasure. In a few days, it’ll have you both yearning for each other in a way you forgot was possible.

Spice Up Your Sex Life by

Spice Up Your Sex Life by

#3: Show Your Interest

If the spark is still there, so is interest. Don’t declare “I want you here and now” out loud in the middle of the supermarket, but go for the little, discreet things. Whispering in the ear tends to be especially effective here, and a tiny touch to a sensitive part only you two know happened should also go nicely. The effect is multiplied when doing something you know your partner doesn’t like – like watching theatre for men and watching sports for women (pardon the implication, but you get the idea). Even if you enjoy it, do him/her a favor – lean over in your seat, slide your hand slowly up your partner’s leg until you reach a hot-spot and whisper “I’m bored, let’s get out of here”. If that doesn’t do the trick, nothing will.

All that’s left to say here is – good luck!

3 Powerful Ways to Help You Quit Smoking

If you have been a cigarette smoker for a long time and you are willing to change your life by quitting smoking, you’d probably find it difficult. To quit from a long-time habit, like smoking, is like an uphill climbing. However, there are a lot of successful stories of different people from all over the world who became successful in quitting from smoking. Just get yourself ready as you continue reading this article. Below are the 3 tips that help you quit smoking.

1. Keep Your Mouth Busy

- Indeed it’s very difficult to resist the urge of that tobacco taste. It is because your tongue has been used to it for very long time. When you crave for tobacco, it is very hard for you not to lit up a single cigarette. If you have been trying to control yourself from smoking, it is not as easy as 1-2-3. Some people would say, “I can quit smoking by just smoking 1 cigarette a day”. In real life, it would be a miraculous deed; yet, it is really difficult. And then you find yourself smoking excessively again and again on the next few days. So, how would you resist your tobacco cravings? The answer is to keep your mouth busy by chewing hard sugar-free candies or gums, nuts, crunchy veggies like carrots, etc. It will help your brain to forget the urgency of smoking and at the same time you help yourself to replenish your body with healthy foods.

Powerful Ways to Quit Smoking -

Powerful Ways to Quit Smoking -

2. Be Stress-free

- A lot of people rely on cigarette smoking in the middle of some stressful situations because they think that it will make them relaxed. If this is one of your reasons, then, you can easily change your strategy to cope up with your stress. In fact, stress can be reduced not only by cigarette smoking. If you are eager to resist your tobacco urges while you are in the middle of some stressful dilemma, why not try to divert your mind into something more helpful and healthier way of coping up stress. Listening good music, going to a peaceful place and spend time with yourself, or going out with a friend to have a relaxing massage are just a few of many ways for you to keep yourself in a stress-free atmosphere.

3. Have a Regular Exercise

- The only reason for you to quit smoking is for you to revive your body because you already know that cigarette smoking is dangerous to health. And while you are trying to resist the temptation of tobacco, getting yourself back into a healthy lifestyle will be challenging. Give your body a treat by doing your regular exercise. And as much as possible, always bear in your mind that you need to avoid to intake what is harmful to your body. If you are not a physically active type of person, this is the perfect time for you to get started. You can take a walk around your village for 30 minutes every morning to help you sweat the toxins out of your body.

How to Effectively Quit

How to Effectively Quit

These are the 3 tips that help you quit smoking naturally without the help of any prescription drugs. If you follow these wholeheartedly, you will surely get your goal to stop smoking.

The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Foreclosed Home

A home can be foreclosed in case the property owner is not able or has differed paying back the loan he had borrowed from either a bank or other financial institution. This happens when a person had surrendered his house to be collateral for the loan he borrowed. The home will therefore be foreclosed in the event when a home fails or refuses to release the mortgaged property.

The property can be pre-closed before being foreclosed. Pre-closing a property is where a bank or a financial body sends a notice to the property owner to demand for repayment of the loan. The property owner can choose to meet the demands of his financial provider or ignore. If he decides to ignore the demands, his property will therefore be pre-closed. A homeowner might not have the money to repay the loan at that time and he will not have any other choice other than selling the property for quick cash. When such a property is sold, both the seller and buyer will benefit in various ways.

Buying foreclosed homes: Pros and Cons

As a buyer, you are guaranteed to buy a foreclosed home at a cheaper price. Buying property from foreclosure auction is actually cheaper than buying from an individual. This is because the bank needs its money back and the home owner wants to get the money quickly to repay the loan and to save his credit score as well. He is willing to sale the property at any price provided he gets money enough to repay his loan.

Home buyers may be able to get

Home buyers may be able to get

Another thing is that you are given an opportunity to bargain the property. This is because banks are on the run to get their money back, many people owe them money and they need quick money to meet other business needs. This is why they are willing to give buyers discounts. Also, most foreclosed houses are situated in good neighbourhood meaning, you can also resale them later at a higher price.

You also have an opportunity to request for inspection of the property when it is on the pre-foreclose stage. This can be made possible by foreclosure auctioneers and you are also guaranteed to get a title for that property.

The Cons

You might not be aware of the condition of the house you are bidding. Often, most homeowners may fail to take care of the property when they realize that they are just about to loose it. They can even purposely damage the property because of bitterness. It can be difficult to ascertain the extent of damage caused on the property.

Buying a foreclosed housed involves too much paperwork. You first have to understand the entire process and all the papers required must be provide. This makes the process lengthy and therefore as a buyer, you will have to wait a little bit longer to acquire possession of that property.

The Pros And Cons Of Buying

The Pros And Cons Of Buying

The time frame for gathering your finances to acquire the property is usually short. You are given a short time to make payments and if you had not planned for it, you might be forced borrow money or acquire a loan. Something you had not planned for.

3 Tips For Creating Your First Brand

Starting a business is no mean feat. There is a lot to think about and even more to handle. What with the growing team, intellectual property rights, product management and the small budget, you will still be required to wade through the murky waters of a competitive business environment and come out unscathed.

However, all this can be eased by creating a brand and making it work from the onset. Use the following top 3 tips to create the best brand and stick with it:

1. Customer Service

Something will certainly go wrong once you start the business. However, you can use these as opportunities to give the best customer service in the market. This will turn the experience of your customer around and win them over.

Bad experiences that turn into an awesome episode are very effective at gaining the trust and loyalty of a new customer. This is because the customer will interact with your brand more intimately. They will also get to see your true colors.

You should also take a proactive approach in your customer service. Take time while talking to prospective and actual customers on the phone. As simple as cultivating a relationship over the phone with a client will improve your customer service. It will also connect the great customer service to your overall branding strategy.

and Create Your Brand

and Create Your Brand

2. Think Outside the Box

If you think that branding has to be an expensive affair, reconsider your thoughts. In the current market place, it is easy to come up with a low- budget video and make it go viral in a couple of days or so. All that is required is a great deal of creativity.

The more entertaining your branding technique is, the more people you will be able to reach. This means you should use the best content you can get to hook people to your adverts and to interest them in spending time on your firm. Look for something that people can relate to. This way, it will be easier for them to respond to your adverts and start buying your services and products.

3. Work with Others

Where possible, get into a partnership with other brands. The main point of branding is to expand your audience. Therefore, it makes great sense to work with other brand partners with whom you share an audience.

My First Brand Alphabet by

My First Brand Alphabet by

These kinds of partnerships will help you both when it comes to increasing the size of your audience and building more awareness on your products. It will, in the long run, boost your sales.

The great thing about working with others to come up with a new brand altogether is that everyone has something to bring to the table. The different ideas can then be married together and used to appeal to a larger segment of the market.

Even if yours is an early start up, you may end up creating a larger brand that will foot your bills before you find your footing in the competitive business world. Go out there and meet up with different companies. Offer them new and exciting partnership opportunities. Then, see whether they are actually willing to try your ideas out.

Anyway, collaboration is very effective when it comes to creating your first brand. It will help you stand out above the rest. So long as you partner with the right people, your sales should start shooting upwards in no time.